Collision Reporting Centre Toronto

Report car accident in Toronto and other cities in GTA. address and pone numbers of collision reporting center in Toronto and GTA.

Involved in a car accident in Toronto? had a little collision and want to make a report?
This is the place where you Find out the address and the procedure to report your car accident in Toronto.
When you involved in a car accident in Vaughan there are few things you should do right away. Here is the list of:

The Five Things You Should Do Right After Your Car Accident

  1. take down license plates Number, car make and model of the other party
  2. exchange insurance information
  3. Ask for Drivers license to confirm Drivers Full name
  4. If any body is injured call 911 Right Away
  5. if your car has over $1000 damages you most likely would want to make a report


Wait at the accident scene or Be Towed to a Collision reporting centre?

Few things to consider when you involved in a car accident in Toronto. First of all in any car accident you must check for anybody who is injured.
If someone is in pain or bleeding Call 911. You can either call in for police to come and they usually arrive to a car accident in Vaughan
between 15-55 minutes and the report will take another 45 minutes, Or you can Order a Tow Truck to a reporting centre if you want it to be done faster. One important thing to keep in mind is that when you wait for police one of the parties involved (if not more) will get charged, in most accidents somebody have to be at fault so the officer will issue a traffic charge right there.

How Much Will the Two Truck Going to coast me?

In Toronto the By-Law for Accident towing is $166.00 for the tow to a reporting Centre Flat Free but Plus Taxes from the accident scene or anywhere.
Now if the report is done at the accident scene and you dont go to a reporting center then the $166.00 will be used as a hook up Fee only.
as far as it goes with the break down it is hard to say as Toronto City is Changing the By-Law rates and it might change again soon so its difficult to say at the moment but we will update once it will be clear.

Will my Insurance will cover my towing Fees?

Good Question, your insurance will cover your towing and storage expanses if:

  1. You are not at fault and you have the other party information
  2. You have full coverage (both ways insurance), dosent meter if you at fault or not.


I Have CAA, Should i use it From an Accident scene?

you can if the membership registered for that car specifically, otherwise they will either refuse service or will charge you them self’s.
if you are not a member you can call for membership, but after waiting online for extended period of time you will be inform that it take 24 hours before you can use the CAA Membership and you accident car will be towed much sooner then that Especially if there is a police on scene.
If you are Covered For towing and Storage It Will be wise to use the Towing Company that was first on the Accident Scene or choose somebody you are comfortable with, because it will cost you points from the CAA membership while if you choose a towing company that work with insurance it will be free to you. No meter what anybody says you always choose who is going to tow your accident car and what Mechanical shop is going to fix your vehicle. Not the tow truck driver not the officer and not the insurance company have any right to tell you where to go. its always your choice.

Remember you have only 24 houres to report your accident to a collision reporting centre in Toronto, so better sooner then later.
Be wise and stay Safe, A massage from A Better Way Towing Inc.

Toronto Collision Reporting centre

113 Toryork Dr, Toronto, ON M9L 1X6, Canada
Open 7 days a week all year, 06:30-01:30

Call NOW For Roadside Assistance and Tow Truck 647-242-2243

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