Private Property Towing in Richmond Hill | Vaughan


Illegal parking in York Region. If you are a property managers or property owner you have the right to order a Tow  Truck to Tow that illegally parked car at Vehicles owner expanse.

If Somebody parked their car on your property you can get that car towed and it will not coast you but only to the owner of the vehicle that is parked at your property. you must be a property owner or Property manager to order the removal in Vaughan, Concord, Maple or Richmond Hill.

Private Property Towing Residential Condominiums

If you in a condominium and you want to tow a car from from the visitors parking lot there Should be (recommended) properly formatted “No Parking” signs visible. on the other hand if the vehicle is in the underground or older then 10 years there will be a removal fee of only $99.00. Still the towing and storage will be paid only by the owner of the towed car at time of release.

You will need to fill a from with information of that illegally parked vehicle, you can download and fill that form from the bottom of this page.

Private property towing Residential Houses and Free holds

For towing from a drive way in a house, and yes people will park at your driveway sometimes, you will need only to fill the removal form at the bottom of this page. no signs are necessary.

Private property towing Commercial

For commercial properties you will need Signs displayed and a removal form filled out before the tow begins. You might be interested in arranging an agreement to tow between 2AM-7AM any night and at that time any vehicle parked at your property will be towed. vehicles with night pass will be exempted.

For more information on private property towing in York Region call 416-233-5890

We DO Not provide Service in the Underground anywhere unless agreed upon in advance.

We Do Not service Toronto for private property towing and illegal parking. If you Seek service in Toronto or anywhere outside of York Region you should contact Toronto parking enforcement.

York Region Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham and Woodbridge Private Property Removal Form:

Private Property Towing Removal Form