Tire Change Toronto

Tire change service in Toronto. replace tire with your flat tire is a Service we provide. Tire change Toronto service, fast and reliable.

Have a Flat Tire in Toronto, We Are Here to help!

Vaughan tire change Service is fast and never being easier. all you have to do is call us. we will send you the professional to take off the flat tire and put on the spare tire that your car already have in the trunk or under your car.

What if i Don’t have a Spare tire?

If you don’t have a spare tire it fine. We send you a tow truck to change your tire so if you missing the spare one we can tow you to the nearest tire shop where they can fix your tire or change it with a new or used one to fit your car Rim. in both cases we can help.

I Need the log Nut to be removed. Can you do it in Toronto?

No, log nuts need the special log key from the car manufacture. if you don’t have that then only the dealership or the mechanic can help you. In both cases you will need to be towed to either one or the other. If one of your nuts is bad or too rounded then if wont fit the rim  wrench, again you will need to be towed. You can try driving but most likely damage the rims, we don’t recommend that.

I just need a jack, can you send me somebody who has one?

Yes we will send you Help, but we don’t rent tools. Not because we cant but because there is a big liability issue that doesn’t worth the money. We have professionals Preforming the complete tire change, let them do their job properly. This is the way We Work and you know the job is done right.

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