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Tow Truck Vaughan Service, If you found yourself stuck in Vaughan and need a Tow Truck your at the right place for towing assistance. we have tow trucks in Vaughan and across GTA. When you call us you will have a fully equipped tow truck to help you with the service you require. All our tow truck in Vaughan have a Complete and full wreckers that can lift and tow Light, Medium and Heavy vehicles. If you found yourself in a ditch We have our trucks equipped With Heavy Duty Winches that can Pull you from up to 300 meters away. If you Drive an AWD (All Wheel Drive) vehicle and need a tow truck to tow it we have our tow trucks ready with dollies that will lift your car with all four tires from the ground for a complete and a safe to to the location of your choice. So all your Towing need have a solution, Callus Now for instant response. our tow truck drivers are waiting for your call in Vaughan in the area of

Can We Come with the Tow Truck?

Yes you can. Our Trucks have always Extra seats for another 3-4 people to ride with the driver while your car is being towed in Vaughan. Also our trucks are newer so you can be sure to Enjoy the Safe ride.

 Will my Car get damaged while being towed?

Absolutely Not. Those days the towing system uses lifting techniques that touch only the tires of the car. The actual car never touches the lift of the tow truck so its completely safe and secure. your car will be Hooked up, Towed and delivered to wherever you going Damage Free just the same way it was before it got towed.

I’m in a Hurry, Can You tow me faster?

If you in a hurry we can put a rush on a call to get to you faster, it all depends on the traffic before the tow truck arrives. If you need to get to the destination you can ask the tow truck driver to use HWY 407 with a $20.00 Charge.

Our Tow Trucks in Vaughan Waiting for your call in the Area of:

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We offer Tow Truck Services across York Region and GTA as well. All Our tow truck Drivers are licensed by the city fully equipped to provide Elite Towing services in Vaughan and the surrounding Area. In addition to Vaughan Tow Truck we also offer towing services in: